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Covid-19 hours and operations updates


Are you open during the Covid-19?

Yes, the store inside is open to the public, but are limited to 2.75 people at a time. We will also continue doing curb side service for those that would like curbside still. We will also continue doing deliveries Mon-Wed with a $2 delivery fee in five miles. All deliveries will be made AFTER 7pm.


What are your hours during the COVID-19 Pandemic ?

Sun: 12pm – 6pm, Mon – Thurs 11am – 7pm, Fri – Sat 10am – 7pm


How does curb side service work?

We have several options listed below.

  1. You can call in before you arrive and make an order over the phone and then call when you arrive to let us know you are here. We will then come out and get the payment option you chose and the rest of the transaction will be just like you would do had you come in. We will process your payment and bring your items out to you in your car.
  2. You can pull up to the curb and and call us and we can come out and take your order. Much like Sonic. We will then take your payment options and go in and fill your order and process your payment as if you had come inside and then bring your items out to you.
  3. You can call in your order before you arrive and ask to use our pay by Text option. When you choose this option, we will process your order on the register and our register will create a secure link through our bank that is specific to YOUR transaction only and it will send you a link in text that you can anytime at your leisure through out the day, exactly like ordering online. Once we see you have paid we will process your order and you only need to call us to let us know you have arrived and will bring your order out to your car and you are done. We have had a lot of people doing it and they have said it much fast and they grab their order and go with little to know wait. This is an option that will remain available even after the COVID-19 epidemic is over.


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